I'm a User Experience & Interaction Designer currently studying Human Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University. Prior to that I studied Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth, where I focussed on game design and production.

I'm originally from the United Kingdom and I love to travel. I’ve rode camels on the Sahara, snorkeled the second largest coral reef in the world, rappelled into sink holes in the Mayan jungle, and at the age of 18 I spent 10 months living in Japan. I feel my time traveling and immersing myself in different cultures has helped me become a more rounded person and helped broaden my perspective on life and design.

I currently live in the United States, and am seeking full-time employment. Have a look at my resume, or LinkedIn profile.

Design Philosophy

My philosophy is ever evolving, but these are my thoughts as they are at the moment. I see design as collaborative, pragmatic, about making connections, and as a perpetual iterative learning process.

A designer should always put the user at the heart of the design, while advocating for a shared vision of a future that aligns with the values of both the designer and the users. This in turn should be achieved through an honest, intentional approach to design.

I believe that functionality is to design as edibility is to cooking - a baseline. Naturally it needs to work, but that does not necessarily make it inviting or aesthetically pleasing. Similarly a delicious looking apple that’s rotten at the core isn’t going to be appetizing past the first bite. It is through the complimentary balance of these two elements, functionality and aesthetics that we find good design.


Selected Work


Designed a vision type to articulate how the UX team would take over ownership of a new business area. Responsible for feature design on the next generation version of one of Blackbaud’s flagship products.

Summer 2014 internship


Challenged to design a better way to log trips on the RideAmigos platform to allow users to log trips including trip chaining, multi-modal trips, and allow them to edit trip logs.

2 weeks in Fall semester 2014 for course at Indiana University


Designed a drag and drop interface to visually represent SQL queries for market segmentation.

1 week in Fall semester 2014 for course at Indiana University


Designed a museum exhibit focussed on the primary actors in human labour trafficking to engender empathy for each of these different roles.

4 weeks in Spring semester 2013 for course at Indiana University 

Pixar Teapot app

Designed to compliment Pixar's presence at the annual ACM SIGGRAPH conference, where they give out wind-up walking teapot toys as a means of promoting their RenderMan software.

Spring semester 2013 for course at Indiana University


Intel Adrenaline Award winning game prototype. Displayed on Intel stand at GCD Austin 2009. Exhibited as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009.  

10 weeks in Summer 2009 for the Dare to be Digital 2009 game development competition

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