Hi I'm Craig, a User Experience & Interaction Designer

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Journey is a museum installation designed to engender empathy for the different actors involved in human labor trafficking

RenderMan Walking Teapot App

The RenderMan Walking Teapot app is a concept for a companion app to the wind-up toy given away by Pixar at ACM SIGGRAPH.

Eames Store

The Eames Store is a one page website design for a fictitious reboot of the Eames furniture brand

Light the Way

Light the Way was a project based on the ACM CHI Student Design Competition 2014 incorporating "BodyData" to aid firefighters find an incapacitated teammate in low visibility situations

Soap Hope redesign

This proposed Soap Hope redesign focussed on the goal of helping women in the developing world rather than on cosmetic products to help the company differentiate themselves in the marketplace


Ballistic is the Intel Visual Adrenaline Award winning game prototype created by Inertia Interactive during Dare to be Digital 2009

Fusings redesign

This proposed redesign of Fusings.com is aimed at simplifying the core message of the website - sharing your perspective