Selected Work


Envisioned new design to advocate for UX taking ownership of the site

Contributed to design of the future of Blackbaud’s flagship product

Summer 2014 internship


Restructured site hierarchy to aid in trip logging

Improved the trip logging data entry experience

2 weeks in Fall semester 2014 for course at Indiana University


Created a GUI alternate to SQL scripting for market segmentation based around the premise that people speak English, not code.

1 week in Fall semester 2014 for course at Indiana University


Designed a museum exhibit to engender empathy for different groups associated with human labour trafficking through an indirect “head-fake” experience

4 weeks in Spring semester 2013 for course at Indiana University 

Pixar Teapot app

Visualised an iPad app to compliment the Pixar RenderMan Walking Teapot collectible

Spring semester 2013 for course at Indiana University


Designer & project manager on award winning video game prototype

Exhibited as part of Intel’s stand at GDC Austin 2009 and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

10 weeks in Summer 2009 for the Dare to be Digital 2009 game development competition

Design Philosophy

I love the design process; talking to users, generating insights to identify needs and wants, helping tackle complex problems and working to address problems through design as part of a collaborative team.

Functionality is to design as edibility is to cooking - a baseline. You expect your food to be edible, and you should expect your software to work. However, a delicious looking apple that’s rotten at the core isn’t going to be appetising past the first bite, and a beautiful site that is broken is not going to be of use to the user.

It’s about intentional design, applied pragmatically, with the users at the heart. This requires the user to be incorporated throughout the design process, using techniques such as interviews, contextual enquiry, feedback on paper prototypes, wireframe walkthroughs, and usability tests, among others.


I'm originally from the United Kingdom, now living in Austin, Texas, and I love to travel. I’ve rode camels on the Sahara, rappelled into sinkholes in the Mayan jungle, and lived in the US, Japan, France, and Taiwan. My time traveling has helped me become a more rounded person and broaded my perspective on life, people, and design.

I design for Hudl, featured in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2016. Outside of work I volunteer, helping organise the Student Volunteer Program for the ACM SIGGRAPH conference.


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