It's about people not pixels


Ask 100 designers what the question "What is design?" and you will likely get 100 different answers, but this is how I see it:

Design is a process, not just a final lick of paint you put on an otherwise finished product. It's about continuous discovery and learning in the service of others. It's about people, not pixels.

Design is being intentional and pragmatic in approach, while in the service of real people - complicated, messy, and imperfect as they may be. The approach, tools and techniques may vary, but at it's core it means learning about those for whom you’re designing, gaining insight into their lives, and working to address the needs and/or opportunities you identify. 

Design addresses itself to the need
— Charles Eames

CognitiveScale Patient Scheduling Advisor


A proof of concept engagement to collect, incorporate, and learn from patient appointment preferences to reduce rescheduling, and improve patient satisfaction.

Interaction Design | Visual Design | Stakeholder Interviews | Usability Testing

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Hudl Team Profile Redesign


Worked on the new universal profile system. Designed to be flexible enough to cater to various user groups (athletes, coaches, supporters). 

Interaction Design | Visual Design | User Interviews | User Surveys | Usability Testing Visiontype


Created a high fidelity mockup of an alternate website to frame discussions on whether the UX team should take ownership of the site.

Strategic Design | Interaction Design | Visual Design


Raiser's Edge NXT Wealth Rating Widget


Worked on a Wealth Rating widget for Raiser's Edge NXT designed to help a non-profit organisation's major gift officers identify a donor's capacity to give.

Interaction Design | Usability Testing


Other Projects

Some other fun projects I have been involved in


A museum experience design project examining human labour trafficking through playful elements and the use of a "head fake".



Designed and produced as part of Dare to be Digital 2009. Intel Visual Adrenaline Award winner,  featured on the Intel stand at GDC Austin 2009.

Walking Teapot App


Designed to complement the Pixar Renderman Walking Teapot given away at as part of Pixar's presence at every ACM SIGGRAPH conference.

Volleyball Coaching App


A short design challenge to create a phone app to allow volleyball coaches and athletes to browse and view stats alongside game footage.